When we saw the little space at 4th & Grand, in Belmont Heights pop up for rent we knew it was an opportunity we couldn't miss. First friends and neighbors, now business partners Karen Quimby Lobo (veteran product designer and business owner in the beauty industry) and Billie Gentry (marketing & advertising guru) created twig & willow.

How did we come up with the name? A love for the word “twig” quickly inspired the word “willow” and it stuck. The abundance of birds in our neighborhood made the little red robin a perfect mascot. The branch symbolizes the feelings about the families and friends in our unique community. We always brag that Long Beach is a city where people know their neighbors. Creating a true neighborhood culture was a top priority.

With the love, support and sweat equity from our husbands and neighbors we designed, branded, built and filled twig & willow in 5 weeks. We opened the doors on Nov 6th, 2009. By sheer word of mouth and a little social media, we’ve been embraced by the community we love and blessed with good fortune. Now we’re on the web bringing twig & willow to all our friends far & wide!

We cater to a woman’s everyday lifestyle with a “comfy-chic” approach to fashion & life. Our customers are top priority. An old-school approach to customer service is something we pride ourselves on. We hold monthly events and promotions bringing unique designer trunk shows and trends you’d expect in a metropolitan city to our peaceful beachside destination. If you don’t live near by, you can live vicariously though our website.

Karen (aka shop-a-holic) handles all the buying, merchandising, copywriting and creative at twig & willow while Billie (aka. the penny pincher) works to keep the business financially on track, managing the staff and all operational aspects. We feel blessed with an amazing staff of women and feel truly honored to be a contributing part of a thriving community and now the world!

NAME: Celia

TITLE: Whip Cracker, Jr. Shop-a-holic

HOBBIES: Music addiction, time traveling, devouring wheels of cheese, road trips, water balloon fights, hoarding clothes, murder mystery parties, checking into hotels under Disney character pseudonyms, Jenga competitions, and the occasional bloody mary (yes, thats a hobbie)

STYLE: Bold, edgy, versatile, oversized and whimsically structured with a dash of masculinity and quirkiness.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT T & W: Every time i walk into the store it always smells so heavenly. There is this savory combination of fragrances and oils in the air that is so enjoyable, even on a daily basis.

FAVORITE MEAL: Anything Italian. Spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna, you name it. Just don't forget the bread basket and wine!

FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOU: All my battle-scars (and boy are there many).

STYLE TIP YOU’D LIKE TO SHARE: I find that dancing to 70s music can be great inspiration for dressing. Always feel comfortable and confident in your clothing choices.

NAME: Amanda

TITLE: Manic Merchandiser, Jr. Shop-a-holic

HOBBIES: Flea market shopping, floral design and decorating my house! ...and hanging with my dog Buster.

STYLE: Casual and subtle but polished. I always default to the comfy choice... I wish I could wear my denim cutoffs every day!

FAVORITE THING ABOUT T & W: My favorite thing about Twig & Willow is the great atmosphere of the store. Everything is pretty, it always smells good and our customers are so friendly.

FAVORITE MEAL: I couldn’t live without good cheese, avocados & dark chocolate!

FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOU: My witty sense of humor :)

STYLE TIP YOU’D LIKE TO SHARE: Find what works for your body type & go with it.

NAME: Cynthia

TITLE: The Veteran

HOBBIES: Reading, Sunbathing,Gardening,Vintage Shopping, Creating Jewelry, Attending Music Festivals

STYLE: I base my daily style on my mood but I would describe my fashion as a 70's inspired western/bohemian nomad. My favorite pieces from my wardrobe include: ankle western boots, oversized tanks, high waisted shorts, vintage button up blouses, and flowy maxi dresses.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT T & W: Great place for creative inspiration especially when most of the jewelry lines we carry are locally made. It brings me pleasure to inform customers where the pieces come from and that most are handmade with patience and love.

FAVORITE MEAL: I cannot deny the allure of a freshly made Greek Salad......yum.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOU: I am open-minded which helps me relate to customers easily.

STYLE TIP YOU’D LIKE TO SHARE: I have been using skirts as dresses or using the backside of a dress as the front for as long as i can remember.

NAME: Camille

TITLE: New Kid on the Block

HOBBIES: Cooking and baking, traveling, reading, and being with family and friends.

STYLE: I like wearing simple pieces, with a unique or funky twist.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT T & W: The neighborhood feel and that 90% of our products comes from local designers.

FAVORITE MEAL: Seared ahi tuna at BOA steakhouse in Santa Monica.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOU: I love meeting and getting to know new people.

STYLE TIP YOU’D LIKE TO SHARE: Only buy what you absolutely love and feel confident in. It will show!